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May 23, 2008

ideas etc

So as usual, I am glued to Ravelry. At the same time I am a bit productive and positive, in the aspect of knitting and yarn....I am happily and routinely dying recently, and normally my dye work is only for my shop. But the other day I casted on a wavy cably sock with The knittery's slim sock yarn, it is quite thin almost lace weight, but can be used as sock yarn. I am so falling in love with the yarn itself....and bought the same base yarn for just playing with. My wip sock is rich grey semisolid, and I dyed yarn like that:


I am quite glad with this result. I made two more skeins with the same colorway, but with my own Laine Claude II yarn. That will appear soon on my shop.

Other than that, This year I will go off my vacation at the end of June and go to France. By the time, I decided to make Hemlock blanket for MIL. Yarn arrived, fat dpns arrived, along with Addi long circular. So finally I casted on some days ago.


I enjoy this knitting much more than imagined. It is so fun and easy, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Cascade Ecowool. It is really soft, cushy, cozy yarn perfect for any blanket! I really want to knit something again with this yarn.

Also, I am very slowly knitting a summer cardi to bring this coming vacation. I hope I could finish by that.


The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, and the pattern is from her newest summer pattern book, Coastlines, which originally calls for Pure Cotton. But the gauge is exactly same and I had that Angora yarn at hand, so I went. Now I am on second sleeve, always knitting when I read Ravelry.

Now, I have to start seriously thinking about what yarn and project I would bring to vacation....

Posted by trico at May 23, 2008 03:55 PM


nice! so where are you going to, in France? I'm in Brittany, but will also be in Paris for a week end towards the end of the month. Would be fun to meet up ;-).

Posted by: St├ęphanie at May 29, 2008 03:45 AM


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