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March 27, 2008

New yarns

Today's post contains two new yarns. One is for my private stash, the another is a new yarn for my hand dyeing.

The first one is this:


This is Rosette, from Ski yarn. One of the newest Japanese yarn for spring/summer 2008. Gorgeous, metalic atmosphere...it is though, cotton 100% ribbon yarn. When I found it I was drawn immediately. Wasn't supposed to buy yarns at that day, but it is something so novel, beautiful and irresistable. It is thin yarn and calling #3-#4 needles. I would knit something for summer with these yarn!

And the next: my new yarn!

Now I am preparing my new yarn to reveal at the beginning of spring, April's first update. It is also a sock yarn, but a bit fatty, the yarndage is less than Laine Claude so far. Still, you can knit up a pair of woman socks from one skein using #2 needles. Or, maybe it could be use as DK.


The name is Margo. This is not the substitute of Laine Claude, which is soon discontinued. It has its own caracter different from Laine Claude. LC is shiny, silky, gorgeous and lofty yarn. Margo is more cushy, springy, gentle and a bit cozy...this yarn makes me think Smoochy of Dream in Color. Got it? It is also heavenly soft washable wool 100% sock yarn. Please try....you would love it.

I will start selling it from April 4, 2008. Please visit to see what there is.

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