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March 07, 2008

Loooong time no update for Etsy but

So far finally I uploaded some new yarns on my Etsy site! I am so happy to be able to start again dyeing...I think I will work next week too, for now I've got new yarns, I am so motivated.

Some other news: I have been to daytime Stitch and Bitch yesterday, oh it is sooo good to knit and chat! It is especially good for heart and mind. I love knitters....

And today I went out for LYS excursion with Canadian Ravelry-friend Tara, and SnB friends. It was soooo fun, we visited Yuzawaya and Avril in Kichijoji, and it was the first visit to Avril for all of us! Hey I warn you, that place is so dangerous....there are too much gorgeous stuff, it is really hard to keep your purse closed. Me? of course, I am completely spoiled and yarn geek, I've scored some beautiful things....will show you when I take pictures.

For "Mountain Form" Slippers, I tell you I am now working on it to make an English pattern. Now I am knitting again with aran weight yarn, and when it is ready I will put here in PDF for free. Just be patient, please!

So just a quick update for today!

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