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January 15, 2008

First 2008 FO!

I completed Charlotte yesterday!




I put a bit of green to the wrist and bottom and happy about it. The yarn's real color is rather grape, not faced brick. This is a snug short sweater and I cut down 6 sts each for sleeves, added some lows for the body, from the smallest size. And it is perfectly fit to me. I wanted to cast off with only one week, but it finished in two weeks instead. Nothing fancy, but I love the sweater.

And the yarn is fabulous, it is aran weight yarn and looks quite rough-textured, but it is very light and not at all itchy. (I am quite sensible normally. Alpaca, angora and even kidsilk haze are all itchy for me)The yarn contains wool, silk and cashmere.

What's next? Oh, it is Chelsea from Yarnplay of Shobhana, reverse stockinette and drop-shoulder cool sweater.


I've already knitted a ball....

Posted by trico at January 15, 2008 10:46 PM


Ooh it is a nice sweater and I love the green edging too. I too itch from angora and mohair so I try not to knit with those yarns or I scratch like mad. I like the color of the new knit too.

Posted by: sue at January 18, 2008 02:56 PM


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