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November 26, 2006

neat and comfy

Let me introduce my new sock WIP:


That gorgeous skein is now forming unexpected stripes. The yarn is from Posh yarn, a UK online shop which carries original luxuary yarns. This yarn is Lucia, 30% cashmere and 70% merino sock yarn. I chose and bought this for a gift knitting, and have been waiting to finish DH's sock.
This yarn is entirely different from any other sock yarn which I have used in past. Maybe because Lucia contains cashmere a bit. From these information given, you may imagine the softness of the yarn. But actually, this yarn is NOT soft. Nor itchy. It is, the words I can apply are, neat, tidy, polite and well-bred. It behaves like a girl from high society. Never ever sprit, not so soft but delicate, confortable to touch, very confortable to knit.


At first, it is pooling stripe with #1 needles, and when I change to #3, it becomes even stripe. Amazing. (BTW, this is simple k3p1 ribs)And as you see, it is SO equally knitted up. It looks naturally this quality, like "after-blocking" look. This yarn is quite exciting and I am completely hooked now....

And finally I reached to the point of dividing front and back for Cactus flower:


FYI, the contrast edging is for turning ridge. When it is made up, the tan part should be turned inside and cannot see. No shaping, no fancy stitches. BUT ladies,this sweater is so soft and confortable for next to skin. It will be comfy sweater...I believe.

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November 24, 2006


Woo Hoo! I finished my claudia-Jaywalker socks:


I believe you can see the slight difference of the color. It happens, I know.( remember my Clapotis?? ) As I've told you, this is for DH, so I showed him and asked his opinion. He generously granted. Lucky me!(he thinks anyway it would be his home socks, he won't go out with it)
For the size, this is the comparison:


Actually, this rosy-color's Jaywaker is a bit too narrow for me. So I am wondering if frog it and reknit, or start the second sock and give it to someone. In the latter case, I have to find someone who posess quite narrow foots, might be a teenager. I have no such a young friend. So far this sock is yet solitary status.

Can I show you my toe-grafting work?


Recently I mastered this finally, I mean now I can do it without seeing any explanation of the technique. Contrary, my recent socks have all flap heels, so I might forget the short-row heels...

And not yet Cactus Flower photo. Will try to show you next time. And...and, as I completed the Jaywaker socks, I have casted on a new sock....with this yarn:


Gorgeous?! I 'd taken the wip photo, but the lighting was too bad and we cannot see the beauty. I try to take another photo under sunlight and show you. This yarn is amazing!! I will tell you about it, on next post.

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November 21, 2006

so far

Now my intense knitting project is rather a second sock of second Jaywaker, with Claudia's yarn, shade "Turquoise jeans" since it has turned out to be my DH's. I LOVE Claudia's yarn, it is SO SOFT and very confortable to knit. But it does become larger than estimated. some of the reason should be due to the yarn's springy character, but honestly I admit I used 3mm dpns for the yarn, even if Jaywalker requires 2.25mm needles. But the yarn itself calls actually "3-3.5mm needles", and besides when I casted it on I was away from home and I have only 3mm dpns for set of 5. I started this with a number of stitches which is for normal(smaller) size with 3mm, without swatching. It is my fault, yes, but I had another experience for my first Jaywaker. With 2.25mm needles and another normal sock yarn, it turned out that it is too small for me. So far....anyway, it is accidental and in a sense, it is normal.

Sorry I am digressing, I was talking why I am intensively knitting this sock now. because, since 2004 I prepare a pair of handknitted socks for DH's birthday with other gifts. Now you know, his birthday is coming in a week.

Harlot can knit a sock a day, but I simply cannot. What I can do is send her a wish of sincere encouragement from Japan, and knit my WIP sock by lower pace. Once, I remember I have knitted half a sock a day in last summer for FIL. It was actually my best record.
Now I finish the gusset and continue the hoot of second sock. I think I can complete by due date.

Cactus Flower? Yes, I knit it too:


It is a bit more than a belt now.

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November 16, 2006

hard works

In knitting Cactus Flower, I am thinking why I don't like to knit in circular. As you knit both back and front togather in circular, the vertical visible progress is so slow... Now I believe I must have knitted until under arm if I knit only the back, but it is yet a wide pink belt actually.

Other than that, I have another problem with the sweater: as it requires to use two strand togather, I find time to time a loop of kidsilk haze hanging in the air, dropped. After all, I have to keep attention quite regularly, even if it is straight-stockinette-circular-knitting for full body. YEEEE!

I really love this sweater, but I have kind of difficulty to enjoy knitting it. My current motivation to go ahead is to start next project, Chelsea from YarnPlay.

And the reason why I chose this compared with Chelsea, is just the yarn was ready for immediate use, the swatch for gage has been done, it was totally ready for start. For Chelsea, I am on the road to wind twelve skeins into center pull ball to start. So in the meantime, I would start to wind them...

BTW, Tokyo is now suddenly cold, we have to put winter cloth rather than autumn one. And I have my Electra unprepared....


This is a nicely-weaved-all-ends-side, but the rest...is....


I am not tend to weave PERFECTLY ALL odd ends of the cardi, actually I just want to do the needed least part, which is visible if I don't do. Yet it just make me give a deep sigh. Lazy me.

Oh, but people, I, Tricoquelicot declare herewith, that I determine to make it within this winter!!!

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November 13, 2006

So many happiness

Now there is so much knitting-related topics, my update pace is not fast enough...

The other sunny weekend, after late breakfast I lightheartedly asked DS first, "Do you want to learn knitting?" He is now 7 yrs old boy and replied "Yup!"

I found a Knit Out kit bag just around, which contains two balls of red auto-stripy superbulky yarn and plastic needles. Perfect for him, I casted on for him and start. I teached him to knit, and we tried very slowly half a row togather. After that, he knitted a few more stitches alone, looked up to me.


I told him, "now, you can try to continue now, or after?" Cause he looked already tired to concentrate. "He replied "Can I bring this to my room?" I said "Yes, be careful with needles, don't play with them without yarn" and he went to his room. Just after that, I found him reading something in the room. I left and go back.

The same day , in the evening, I have noticed his room is so much quiter than usual. I went to there, and found him at his desk, struggling with yarn and needles, said nothing. I asked him "You are knitting! you might need a help now?" For what I had found was not something knitted, it is rather a huge red bagworm cringing onto knitting needles. Obviously he's got mistakes but didn't call out help, instead just continued. When I offered a help, he started crying loudly, it's like that he felt so disglaced by the fact he could not knit alone. Though, I succeed to make him convinced through tears, to rip it and start again.

We did togather and I explained again, and this time I told him to call me anytime when the number of stitches are changed, or something wrong. After he called me several times, but in the end he made a row alone. He was so proud of it. Before going to bed this day, he had just some minutes and he took his needles and continued. The next morning, before leaving home to school he had five minutes and he took needles again!

Actually, I didn't imagine a bit that he could be interested in knitting a lot and concentrate long enough to do it, it was just a thought. He really surprised me to devote such a concentration to knitting. After the date, he continued to knit one or two rows a day and showed it proudly to me each time, and after these enthusiastic days, now it is calm down, his Knit Out kit bag is still on the shelf.
But I assume, when he found the bag one day again, he might try to remember how to knit and call me, ask again and continue.

BTW, last week Mariko was in Japan, I could join miraculously to meet up! meetup.JPG Also, I could meet Kelly, her business partner, Kat, Stefana and Mariko's friend Chiko, my friend Minato-san.
As we (Minato-san and me) joined them quite late, we had just coffees and chat...it was SO MUCH fun, so much precious for me. (believe or not, that was my second time to go out at night this year) They are so nice for company, and this "blogger" relation is kind of special. We feel like we have already known each other before meeting off-line, someone said that at that time. I really agree with it.

And this


is a cone of faux-summer tweed and brai-kidsilk haze, with my sudden foot. because


I crossed my legs this morning, with my Cactus Flower WIP!

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November 07, 2006

knitting mojo full throttle

In Japan, we had just 3-days weekend with a national holiday on last Friday. During this mini holidays, my knitting mojo was bursting out!!

First, it has started quietly at Knit Out Tokyo on October 28 and 29. I have been there on Sunday so I missed a talk show of Kat, the founder of Tokyo Stitch and Bitch and Taeko, the founder of a Tokyo handcrafty girl's circle "Shibuyashugei-bu", but this time I participated in the event not only as a knitter but also as a reporter of the event for Interweave Press.

At Knit Out Tokyo, the event is specifically targetted to the people who don't have much experience in knitting/crochettng to invite them into the joy of handcraft. So everybody can get a free knitting or crocheting kit of needles/hook and yarns at the place. Of course I've got one, but I have brought my own WIP. It was my second Jaywalker, which I have casted on in my summer vacation in August.


Remember? I have finished the first sock very recently (BTW: I am quite happy with the stripes)and have started the second one just after that, just before Knit Out.

In knitting the sock's pattern at the event, I was very happy and confortable, because it was a very rare, privileged, exclusive knitting moment for once a year for me. But it was not only that...

On last Wednesday at DS first's Karate studio, I was knitting the sock in waiting his lesson. I felt same happiness and calmness, slightly more stronger. And at that time, I noticed that it is already November, but I have NOT yet started any of my autumn/winter project ever. I immediately decided that I have to complete absolutely DS's confy cardi within the coming weekend so that I could start my projects!

The cardi has already knitted up the back, both sleeves and started left front by the time. I was knitting the left front in caliculating the button hole rows at the same time. (I had to adjust the original button band pattern for my plan)It was such a powerful motivation, I finished the left front in Thursday night, the right front in Friday night, collar, sewing buttons and weaving in all the ends in Saturday night. Here it is:


(To cereblate the FO, there is a glass of alcohol...)
On sunny Sunday morning, DS proudly put it on:


On his pajamas...it looks being just his confy size. I am double happy for finishing it, and looking as I expected.

Just after that I wanted to knit something small and easy. I have these yarns for it:


Rowan Tapestry and 100% Alpaca yarn from my stash...I casted on for "Super-easy leg warmers" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts with these yarns, two strands togather. Sorry not yet the photo of WIP.

And...now, keeping Jaywalker, Hourglass and that leg warmers aside as WIPs, I am wondering if I start Cactus Flower, or Chelsea from "YarnPlay" , by Lisa.
Here,I just received Artyarn's Ultramerino for Chelsea:


Now I'm with Knitting mojo full throttle!!

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November 06, 2006

Please wait

I have many stuffs to show(including FO) and some stories to talk, but have some problems to upload photos here. Please wait a little, when it is fixed up, I post again soon...

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