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February 22, 2006

Spring is coming

Some days ago new Rowan magazine has finally arrived at my letterbox. Last time for spring/summer 2005, I was not so thrilled by their suggestion...many of them looked unrealistic, and I could not find any interesting pattern to knit, even if I LOVE SO MUCH in general all the Rowan designs.

This time, though there you find many exotic and gipsy style dreamy designs(which rowan has repeated oftenly), I am completely knocked out. I LOVE SO MUCH this issue, I have already started to consider to knit immediately some of designs in it:

I love that, I want to knit one....btw, the model looks like so much "Trinity" of Matrix, don't you think??

I want to knit this one too, immediately, though without this funny sea horse. I have already cotton Glace in my stash and it is perfect for this year's summer vacation. I have to.

Sorry the photo's quality, I like this cachecour too....It calls Calmer, so fortunately(?) I don't have this yarn available, so I cannot start it...but anyway I will one day.

And I finished the knitting part almost for Bobby sweater:


Actually I have to knit the neck band after joining the right shoulder, but anyway I finished both sleeves! It was really knitted on the road. My DS second would put it on within this month, but hurry me! The spring is coming just over there...and I have tons of new project plans for both wools and cottons!

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February 14, 2006

Yarn Harlot book

Did I already mention that I have been reading that book? Some days ago I finished and I am sorry about it....I mean, finishing it. It is so enjoyable and I have been very happy during that reading, now Stephanie is my Diva. Of course I have already read her previous book and have put in her next book in my shopping cart at Amazon. Her writing tells the truth about knitting obsessed person's life, the way of thinking, and the way of recognition about the whole stuff in the world. I am not knitting enough like her, but I understand completely what she is saying in the book and I know I am belong to the same spicies of her.

1) I am thinking about knitting anytime, when I am making my baby sleep singing "Tincle Tincle little star", walking in the street to getting the bus, taking the shower, going down steps to the second floor in the office, anytime.

2) All my reading devoted now to knitting related book.

3) I have quite a decent HUGE stash and in general it is constantly increasing

4) I sneak every bit time for knitting, like in waiting boiling water, on the go in everyday's bus riding, when the table is ready and DH and kids don't yet arrived, etc.

5) I possess a T-shirt written in front "work for yarn"

6) I feel the existance of TAKE(Team Against Knitting Enjoyement, see Stephanie's book) at home

Or whatever. So far her book is my bible, but I am wondering if that kind of extreme book can apeal to ordinary people...or, is there much more knitting-obsessed people than my estimate?

And...WIPs update? Correct Chinapon-san's comment, my secret WIP is Hourglass sweater, and it grows now around 15 cm length. Bohus got another finger. Bobby's second sleeve passed the halfway. Show you next time.

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February 05, 2006


Recently I bought some sock yarns at Etsy's Celia, I show you them:


I fell in love with the right side one, "Rose patch" colorways at the first sight and I was so glad it really looks like a real rose flower's shade when it arrived, and since, I am struggling NOT to cast on a sock with this yarn. But I hear, this yarn is calling me every time I see it....I have already wound it into a center-pull ball:


So inviting for me....but I resist with all my force, why? Because, currently I have two projects which require less than 3mm needles, and I cannot handle many of small needle projects at the same time. It makes me realise that normally I have some parallel projects and the needle sizes are always vary. When I am tired for knitting with tiny needles I can switch to bulky or aran project, and this way is confortable for me. (that just show you my lack of ability for concentration) The first project is Bobby sweater by Rowan TRue 4py Botany. I really like this yarn but imagine knitting a sweater with sock yarn. My Bobby is for 1-2 yrs baby size so very small, but it is like knitting an adult sweater with aran weight. Now I just started the second sleeve(too slow me!)as I knit it only in the street. The second project is, of course, the Bohus:


Mine is not mitten, it is glove. It is NOT the reason why I am so slow to knit it. The reason is:

1) It is knitted with dp 2.75 mm needles, and I just cannot knit it when my baby is around me cringing to my knees. Too dangerous.

2) After the beautiful and enjoyable Bohus pattern which is around 6cm for cuff, the knitting road is just plain stockinette with simple milk color, and it is a kind of boring.

3) As I am changing the original pattern for mittens to gloves, I have to make calcuration and adjust it to my hand while knitting. I can do it but not when the kids are around.

4) Recently my night knitting time are all sucked by extra work which are required from my current job.

But I have to finish it to start the second Bohus cuff. Against all the bad conditions, the glove progresses slowly but nicely. I like gloves well fitted, and I decreased many stitches for that purpose.

BTW, finally I took the photo of FO Airy Scarf:


It is very short scarf comparing with the normal length. But looks nice. It is a gift for a friend.

And today, I have to reveal my current secret WIP....yup, I admit I have casted it on some weeks ago.


Can you find out what it is? it is a quite popular pattern and many famous bloggers have already knitted this one. the hint: the original color is orange, and the pattern has many errata. I use Japanese yarn which has discontinued some years ago, "Mingle" from Hobbyra Hobbyre(same company of Buhus kit). This yarn is very confortable to knit, I like it...

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February 01, 2006


Today's entry is to report the percel from my SP7! Look here!


What a cute gift bag! But that's not all of her care, she made very nice knitty ilustration on all over the percel itself. She even turned a printed lemon image of the box into a ball of yarn! Of course you want to see in the bag:


Lovely assortment....a ball of Debbie Bliss, local farm's beautiful mohair, a big natural lavenber soap and cream, pearly beads and a card, full of hearty message. Wow! Especially, the photo cannot show you the exact color of mohair, but it is heavenly perfect lavender-icy pink, my current favorite color! And the soap's smells so good, it gives lavender scent to all the items. It is dreamy package....Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much, my Pal! I am really glad and happy with all!!!

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