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January 16, 2006

Very soon

I normally love to knit with fine yarn and 2.5mm needles. I am enjoying to knit Bobby sweater with True 4ply Botany, it makes me remember how much I loved to knit small stitches.

However, ladies and gentlemen, I do want to tell you that even though, sometimes a combination of big needles, chunky yarn and simple project for kids has really good effect for someone like me, who is always yielded by temptation for new project and as the result always have too much WIPS and SO LITTLE TIME between work, laundry and kids, and as the second result too long time needed to finish any projects.
Look here:


Almost finished! Actually after taking this photo I have jointed first sleeve, and I will do the another just after writing this post. This is, however, the very just size for DS right now. If there are other 2 or 3 very cold days coming, he could put it on maybe, but no possibility for next winter for him. No worries, I have another boy who have another some years waiting to put this!

And I just thought I have not yet showed you my Sophie bag as FO, mildly felted:


The code looks a bit fragile, but I think it would be OK. Though, I put so many stuffs in the bag in general so I maybe won't use it. One day it would be a gift for someone....

BTW, this is my recent stash enhancement:

Dani's "Sunshine Yarns" , handpainted sock yarn. So beautiful. I found her yarn in Alison's entry and I ordered almost immediately. Now I feel itchy to want to knit with this yarn...

Posted by trico at January 16, 2006 10:10 PM


Sophie bag is very lovery,and its decoration,too.Please show me at your japanese blogs!!All of us, waiting....(??!!)

Posted by: naganasu at January 17, 2006 02:07 AM


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