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October 27, 2005

Wait a minute

Sorry, I just haven't had time to update, I have to have a weekend-trip to my mom's house. But my Clapotis is advancing, next row is just the start of dropping stitch. Will post soon!

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October 18, 2005

First or one of many daily crisis

Last week-end there is a Knit Out 2005 in Tokyo, Roppongi. I have been there and enjoyed much, but just today, I am not in the mood to report it....why? Because:

1)Since the end of last week, I was sooooo busy to prepare some special event for the work and worked like crazy:

2)Since I have changed my contract for job, I just litterary cannot stay at office for extra time because I have to pick up DS from school, that means EVEN IF I have hell of work to do, anyway I have no choice and have to leave office:

3)Therefore as the result I have to bring my work to home under current crazy situation from last week:

4)Last two or three nights were a crimax for that and I have slept only three or four hours at nights:

5)Last evening my baby DS sneezed some, and this morning his nose started running:

6)Coincidentally my DH has left for the business trip for a week to US yesterday:

7)So far I have to handle this week to bring two boys separately in the morning:

8)Somehow this morning I managed to bring one to the school-bus stop and the sick baby to the hospital before work. And I was late.

You know, it is just one another general day for every working mother, but right now I am slightly tired....have to go to bed. Sorry, not knitting news. Ugh.

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October 11, 2005


It's around a week past since I have changed my working condition. I am now very, very happy about it. I feel more human being than before, I am enjoying for cooking dinner for my family every day after work, I am more capable of DS who is at his most mischievous age and always unreasonable, I have more time for dreaming my next knitting projects, and so on. Thank you ladies, I really really encouraged by your warm and kind comments.

Last week-end I have finally casted on my Clapotis:


It is yet the size of a panty, but I am enjoying to knit it! I just love this gorgeous color shade, "Black Pearl" of Lorna's Laces. I have black alpaca long coat for winter, I am already dreaming to wear Clapotis with that...

BTW, did I already mentioned that we Japanese don't have "kfb" or "pfb" ? At first it was a big enigma for me to find out. Now naturally I can do it, though I am not sure if my way is correct or not. I don't care. I can increase the way it might be and it looks working. That's enough. Anyway, that is what I am mostly enjoying to knit with foreign pattern, since I can always learn something new and it is challenging.
I love it!

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October 02, 2005

My new scarf and life

In the last post, I showed you my yarns for the trip. My initial plan was that: to go to Paris, I would make a scarf with the Alchemy red yarn, by Wendy's shell-like pattern scarf which requires exactly two skeins of Synchronisity. And to come back to Tokyo, I would try to start Clapotis with Lion and Lamps.

So far I took this photo in the plain:


On my way to Paris. With a cup of tea and sweets, I was really happy for knitting!! Watching movies five or six times, I enjoyed knitting this scarf for thirteen hours flight. I nealy arrived to the end when I arrived at Charles de Gaule airport, but not yet. I took a Roissybus to go to Paris from the airport, which is estimated around one hour ride. As you can imagine, I continued to knit the scarf in the bus. I could finish the scarf in the bus, and weaved the yarn ends at night at my hotel. Here it is:

It is nallow and long scarf. I love this fashonable looking when I put it on. Actually, Paris was cooler than Tokyo, I just needed a scarf there in the morning and evening, so I was happily put it on everyday in Paris. That was really useful knitting.
Oh, and this is the very rest of the yarn:

I didn't waste the yarn!

In the contrary, I couldn't knit a stitch on the way home in the plain. Yes, no appearance of Clapotis. I was just exhausted to take the needles at that moment...Well, but today I am kind of in the mood to start it. I will, perhaps.

BTW, I took a photo of my "French breakfast" in the first morning at Paris:

I took this breakfast every morning in Paris. Very French.

I have mentioned before about my busy life and lack of time for knitting. Recently it became really serious, I had no time for taking care of my boys enough, too. At the beginning of September, I decided to reduce my working time by this and some other reasons. I talked about it with my boss and negociated. Finally we agreed to reduce much time for work and instead, put off some duties and responsibility, cut my salary.

From tomorrow, I can leave the office much earlier. I changed my contract completely and now, I can make peace with it. Actually, I am very happy about it and positive with the result. We will see if it works...

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